::It’s Our Anniversary::

November 25th, 2016 by admin

I can’t even believe it was 11 years ago today that I hosted the first Posh Party. My sister in love Robin and I decided to rekindle the trunk show company we had began in the late 80′s (JewellRobin’s) but with an intentional twist. We of course wanted women to find clothes they loved but that wasn’t enough. We wanted to create a atmosphere where women could network, feel inspired, meet new friends and find a cute dress or two. I wanted a safe environment for women to be themselves and above all….. serve them. We did it. Eleven years of the best parties because the guest list were always filled with the best people.

When year 10 came, I felt the itch of change. But it wasn’t my turn just yet. Last Black Friday my second granddaughter was a month old and the next baby was on her way. I decided to let the business hang on and decide what was next in the spring. Well you know how the story goes….. man plans but God orders our steps.

The spring surely came and just when I felt like things were on track I got a vision only God could give that I couldn’t ignore. My dear friend Janice Harvey was on my front porch creating a spring landscape like only she can when I clearly had my 1st store vision. I said, Janice… we should open a store front. Now… let me give you our history. Janice’s husband Ken came to the Redskins 22 years ago… she fit right in with the sisterhood circle of wives and even became my business partner in a design company. We have history but it probably wasn’t a total shock to her after all, I’m the one in the group with all the bright ideas lol.

Anyway, she looked at me and said ok, let me run it by Ken. I thought it was a great idea to mention it to Darrell too- we agreed that if they said no we’d carry on. Later that night she text me and said Ken likes the idea, Darrell did too and for me that was crazy scary but it’s always confirmation for me that God is in the mix when I get scared. I said Janice I’ll make some calls and see if there is a building that needs us and fits in our budget. After several listings that I didn’t like (it had been about 48 hours but I like moving fast:) I called my brother in law and asked if he had seen anything I could use for a new store…. he said, I just bought the perfect spot for you. Woah….

Ok we have a building now what….
We knew we needed cash to build out, furniture and a million things we hadn’t thought of. We just said, God if it’s not you shut every door…. they all flew open!

Week 2 we need a name…..
I literally woke up knowing it was Studio Twenty8 Fifty7. Darrell and Ken’s numbers combined. I wanted it to be a studio because I wanted the design element, private events and still the ability to do trunk shows for designers. Guess God liked to too, we even managed to have 2857 in our phone number.

So, all that to say Posh will be doing business as Studio Twenty8 Fifty7 in a building we own in Leesburg. Beautiful clothes, design services, gifts, children’s clothes and yes private appointments on Mondays.

It’s certainly a new season…. God said so and I Love it!



We’re Back!!!!

April 26th, 2016 by admin

We’re Back!!!!

It’s been a while since my last blog but with good reason:) I’ve started a new project with the girls….. (don’t even ask how we found time with all these babies).

Anyway…… The Green Girls are writing books! We decided (or should I say I decided) that we needed to pen what I feel are a few essentials for young women. There is nothing I love more than sharing information so this was the perfect venue. The girls and I have so much fun together that we’re going to share it in books as well as a website with video on us actually living out loud. From parties to decor we can’t wait to share life with you.

Stay tuned….. I think you’re going to enjoy it!






31 and Counting::

March 16th, 2016 by admin

Today is our 31st anniversary. I can’t believe how fast it went! With three newlywed couples in our midst we actually get to reflect even more and laugh at the things that would have made us cry 30 years ago:). I tell them exactly what I told myself as a teenage (literally) bride….

1. Tell yourself you love him everyday
2. Remember you said he was the one. They’ll be times when you doubt yourself but don’t, he still is.
3. Don’t focus on the small stuff. Darrell still doesn’t pick up his clothes, empty the dishwasher but he also doesn’t focus on my OCD or the fact that my curling iron has to stay on his sink because my makeup covers mine…..
4. Learn to accept and respect each others differences… It’s a process but acknowledging your own imperfections will help:)
5. Tell yourself you love him.

Your mind will do whatever you tell it…. Make sure it’s right!


Oscar Style::

February 29th, 2016 by admin

I’m still not sure what I think about last nights Oscars or its host bit these ladies certainly didn’t disappoint. Thank goodness for the red carpet lol!!!






::We’re Back!::

February 19th, 2016 by admin

I can hardly believe my last blog was about Jerrell’s baby shower.  Where does the time go?  So much has happened since then I barely know where to start.

Baby Harper came as a wonderful Christmas surprise while her two baby cousins vacationed in Orlando.  Amazing how we plan and God orders:). It was an amazing holiday that will be forever remembered.

I’ve spent the last two months being the perfect mommies assistant to these girls… when it hit me.  I’m about to reinvent myself and build something new.  I needed this downtime to rediscover my strengths and creativity to build a new machine that includes my girls and all of our experiences.  Amazing things happen when preparation and opportunity connect…. we call it the Right Now Moment.  It’s the moment when your calling and work become one and you see yourself on the launching pad ready for what God has been preparing you for.  It’s not driven by money.  It’s fueled by the need to contribute the gift God gave you to the world…..Amazing!

If you haven’t had your moment yet, no worries.  Keep preparing because it’s surely coming!

Stay tuned……