Lately I’ve developed a strong passion for cooking. I love searching for recipes, adding to my ever-expanding cookbook collection and reading food blogs. It’s my welcomed reprieve from the study of law. Last night, I made the best homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup I’ve ever had (courtesy of Jenna Weber at Eat, Live, Run) and I realized that I’m depriving my Posh readers of this wealth of knowledge. So, today I present my favorite food blogs:

1. Eat, Live, Run

This blog, besides being super cute, has so many recipes it’ll take me a year to try them all. A very large portion of said recipes are desserts. Jenna obviously shares my intense sweet tooth and I couldn’t be happier. Try this Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe like…tonight. It’s awesome.

2. Daily Garnish

This is actually a mixture of a food, running and now baby/pregnancy blog. Blogger Emily Malone is a vegetarian chef who posts recipes, restaurant reviews (mostly in her new city of Seattle) and nutrition/health tips. Emily posts step-by-step pictures of all of her recipes so they’re super easy to follow. This blog is so fun to read and I have a folder full of recipes I want to try from it starting with these Strawberry Jelly Surprise Muffins.

3. Peas and Thank You

Continuing with the Veg theme, this is a blog featuring (mostly) vegan recipes. Blogger Sarah Matheny, who recently published her first cookbook, posts recipes that both vegans and carnivores will love. (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls anyone?) Even if veg recipes aren’t your thing, visit this blog just to see pictures of her adorable daughters, Gigi and Lulu.

4. Do it Delicous

You know I couldn’t do a blogroll without including my culinary hero Jessica Seinfeld! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing better than a visual recipe. I love love love Jessica’s hilarious, easy to follow video recipes. Try the Lemon-Thyme Salmon as soon as possible. It’s so easy and so delicious!

5. Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis is my favorite celebrity chef. I download all episodes of Giada At Home to my iPad and watch them in hopes that one day I’ll be able to move through the kitchen with ease and confidence the way she does. Technically, Giada’s website isn’t a blog, but it does feature lots of her amazing recipes and great videos. Her recently re-designed website also features a Recipe Box and Grocery List for easy organizing. I just signed up a few days ago and I already have 26 recipes saved to my box and I’m planning on making this Raspberry Pound Cake with Vin Santo Cream for our next Sunday family dinner.

I apologize in advance for the amount of time you’re about to spend reading all of these blogs instead of working. Happy Cooking!!

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3 Responses to “Blogroll::”

  1. Mary says:

    Ahhh! Thank goodness, I’m looking forward to getting into these blogs. I’m definitely in dire need of new things to cook down here!

  2. Libby says:

    This is making me want to cook! I’m all over this! Thanks!

  3. Joy says:

    Thank God for recipe blogs and videos! Something new is always good.

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